My Superhero's Special Power

Currently, at this very moment, the Big Superhero Power I wanna have is the ability to snap my fingers and have all the unpacking I need done done, and have all our stuff here at the house instead of at my MIL’s. We’re still sleeping on the floor – the only bed we’ve got is my mom’s, and it’s just now being put up today. It’s something, at least. We’ve got a living room, save for a chair.

Once we’ve got the house in livable condition, I’d like to keep my housecleaning abilities and add on another one. I’m pretty obsessed with Exodus from Marvel, so if I could have his abilities …. man. Life would be set! (Though I’d not want to acquire them the way he did.)

(photo not mine, retrieved from google images.)

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I have an important announcement to make.

I would like to introduce you to the greatest damn apple juice in the ~world~.

My camera is still out of commission in a box somewhere,
so please enjoy this photo from their website.

This is, if you’re unaware, Martinelli’s 100% Pure Apple Juice. I’m pretty sure they serve this as an afternoon beverage in Heaven. A couple of years ago, I bought some on a whim. I was not aware of the reputation of the company – I just thought it was a local company and I wanted to support them. I’ve since gotten better at checking labels. (At the time I lived in South Carolina, and Martinelli’s is based in California.)

But while mere words can’t describe the awesomeness of Martinelli’s 100% Pure Apple Juice, let me just say 10 oz is $1.29 at my local Kroger. It’s not cheap, so when I do indulge, it’s on rare occasions like my birthday or holidays or just because I need pampered, damn it!

And then yesterday, I was looking for something for dinner (more about that in TGHH2010 post later today) and I saw the most amazing thing in the history of ever: Kroger had their 10 oz Pure Apple Juice on sale – 10 for $10! My mouth dropped, my face nearly cracked I was grinning so wide, and the nice lady with the blonde baby quickly left the isle. I got ten of those suckers, and proceeded to embarrass myself when my husband joined me in the deli department and saw me jumping up and down. It was pretty hilarious. I’m gonna use the juice to make my Easy Caramelized Onion Pork Chops. Mmm mmm mmm. It’s probably my favorite recipe with apples these days.

Go out and try Martinelli’s 100% Pure Apple Juice! It’s seriously excellent.
(Not a paid endorsement; unless someone sees this and wants to give me a year’s supply… hehe!)

(The big picture was found here; the small picture was found at the Martinelli’s website. Thanks!)

Smothered Pork: AR Review

Smothered Pork over Pasta

Ladies and gentlemen, I am confused.

When I made this recipe, it smelled great. The pork was fantastic – I wish I had more in the freezer it was so good.
The sauce, however, left something to be desired. I’m just not sure what that something is.

It’s a trifle .. well, it’s not bland. I just don’t know what it is. The dish didn’t get past the mushroom soup-beefy onion soup – gaahhhrlic – oniony-ness that seemed to overpower the pork.  That’s probably my fault, since I strayed from the recipe. But my family and I – including my picky daughter – ate it up.

But when it came to left overs, I couldn’t make myself eat it for a day or two.
And then I was staaarrving for protein, and all of a sudden there was a ton of pork left over that was just begging to be consumed.

This recipe isn’t one I’d purposefully set out to make ever again.
It’s not for dinner parties.
But if it’s the end of the month and money is scarce, and the ingredients are something you’ve got in your pantry, (and let’s face it, most of us do) it’s some good eating.

2 out of 5.

I never would’ve known if I hadn’t looked at Google!

Word up: Happy Birthday Alphonse Mucha. One day I wanna own one of your prints (probably one of the redheads so I can pretend it’s me) and stick it in my living room and pretend I’ve got culture.

Which I don’t, not really. I’m good at faking it, though.

I think everyone is familiar with his Seasons, but while I do like a couple of those, I’m not compelled to buy prints of those. If I can find prints in the following, I’d be much more willing to shell out the cash. To see the names, hover over the picture.

This is the first painting of his I ever liked.

Her body is … meow.
I know I should wax poetic about art-y things, but like I said. I’m not cultured.

I don’t like art because it’s art, I like it ’cause it’s pretty.

Sorry for the large size – it’s just so damned gorgeous I couldn’t bare to make it small. The angels are freaking divine. No pun intended.
I’m not quite sure the expression on her face is the expression I would have.

This one is called The Enchantress, and if you can’t understand why, please close out this web page because I just can’t help you.

You can find many more  paintings by Alphonse Mucha  at his Art Renewal Center page.

This is a test-y Post.

OMG you guys, sorry about the running around with the new wordpress address, but I just wanted to have all my bloggy type things on one blog. And lookahere, “Stirring Chaos” is born! Now I just need to come up with something that doesn’t suck as much as my banner does.

Does anyone wanna make me a banner? Maybe? Pretty please? 😀

Posting might be sporadic while I move (YAY!) and get things back to normal around here at Casa Chaos.

Bare bones and great lines.

Like I mentioned earlier, we’ve got a place! Woohoo, the house hunt 2010 is over! Thank heavens! Wooo! *tosses confetti*

I took some pictures for my sister – you wanna see? Sure! You can see. But there’s just a handful, and keep in mind our landlord was still cleaning up and getting things ready for the August 3rd move in.

House: Living Room

Here’s the view into the house from the front door. This is the living room. That’s my mom, too, on a really good day – she usually gets around by walker or wheel chair.

House: Living room

Here’s the bricked-in fireplace. We’re thinking about getting something to fill it in.
I saw these 3D holiday wooden scenes at ABC Distributing. I’m not sure they’d fit, but I bet they would! I’m not usually one for ‘cutesy folksy stuff’, but lookit. The candles. And the pumpkins!

And a mantle! At Christmas! :3

House: Dining room

Pardon the mess, but we’re still in the middle of cleaning up and painting. Here’s the dining room. We’ve got a round table we’re gonna put in here temporarily, and my desk. Eventually I wanna get a nice square table and chairs in here.

Mom’s looking into the tiny coat closet. Opposite mom there’s the door into the basement.

House: Mama

Enter the kitchen. These are the ‘new’ cabinets – and I ♥ them. According to our landlord, this is where the appliances are supposed to go. I’ve got a eyetwitchy thing about putting a fridge right next to a stove, but if push comes to shove… *shrugs* that’s where it’s gonna go.

House: View from the dining room
Here’s the kitchen – well, most of it. As I’m looking at this, I’m thinking I wanna put a farmhouse sink in. My husband wants to strip the cabinets to match the newer ones. And the baseboards, too.

House: Kitchen

Funnily enough, I know you can’t see it from this shot, but there’s something deep and dark in this kitchen. I call it the Death Door. It’s a tiny, irregular-shaped door that is not just painted over, but it’s been screwed shut. On the other side of the wall there’s the stairs that lead down to the basement. I’m half convinced I should have a cleansing before moving in.

Other than the ‘regular’ one I was gonna do, I mean.

House: Kitchen

This isn’t the best picture I’ve ever taken, but the little eat-in nook there, that’s where we’re putting a desk for Kelly to do her schoolwork at. Eventually, though, I wanna build a bench plus some storage there, and make it a nice nook for maybe breakfast or something.

House: Stairs!

The stairs lead up to the 2nd floor landing, where all the bedrooms are and where the one bath is. The bathroom was really gross and ill-lit so I didn’t take pictures yet.

House: Our bedroom

Here’s one of the two master bedrooms. This one is mine and Josh’s. Lots of light, which I *love*, but I’m a little concerned with the amount of light it’ll let in at night. I really like to sleep in pitch-black rooms.

House: Upstairs Hallway

Mom’s looking into the room Kelly is coming out of. That’s Kelly’s room. It’s small, but so is she. We’re gonna let her paint her room whatever she likes, and she’s gonna pick out furniture, etc. Really let her make her room her own, in comparison to this childish ‘My way or the highway’ attitude we’ve been subjected to for so long.

House: Kelly's Room

She was pretty adamant that the owl be painted over. Josh was sad to see it go, and said he wished she wanted to keep it. (Which immediately made me roll my eyes.)

Mom’s room has ..disappeared from my harddrive, so just imagine another room like mine, except with 3 windows total.

Mmmm. Fridddge. Mmm. Stooooove.

These are my new appliances! Temporary, in the case of the stove, but I’m thinking about keeping the fridge. It’s beautiful. The stove will be returned once we get past this first month – the rent on the stove is $100, which is ridiculous when I can pay just a little more than 1 month’s rent on it and get one free and clear at the used appliance mart.

Really, the only reason we’re RTO-ing is because we need the appliances immediately, and we had a couple of coupons we were able to use to get the 2 appliances for $30 for one month. Godsend!

I’m making a lot of wishlist and housewarming lists. I’ll be posting them here.
Hint hint 😉

30 Minute Mandarin Chicken

Man, I’ve been really getting a kick out of these chicken dishes I’ve been making lately. This one comes from one of my recipe groups on Yahoo. It’s uber tasty. To be honest, I could eat this without the rice. Just throw more vegetables in it and I’d be good to go.

I promise I’ll get back in the habit of taking pictures of the process..

30-Minute Countdown Mandarin Chicken
1 can Campbell’s condensed chicken broth; (10 1/2 oz) divided
2 TBSP cornstarch
1/4 cup vinegar
1/4 cup sugar
1 TBSP soy sauce
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1 can sliced water chestnuts; (8 oz) drained
1 pound skinless; boneless chicken
breasts, cut into 1 inch chunks
1 small green or sweet red pepper; cut into strips diced.
1 can mandarin orange segments; (11 oz) drained – I used 2 cans. I like me some mandarins. I ate half a can while I waited! I’m so bad.
hot cooked rice

1. In cup, stir together 1/4 cup of the broth and the cornstarch until well blended; set aside.
2. In 10-inch skillet over medium heat, combine remaining broth, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, ginger and water chestnuts. Heat to boiling.
3. Add chicken to skillet. Reduce heat to low. Simmer 10 minutes. Add green pepper; cook 3 minutes more or until chicken is tender and juices run clear.
4. Stir in cornstarch mixture. Cook over medium heat until mixture boils and thickens, stirring constantly. Gently stir in oranges. Serve over rice.

Makes 4 cups or 4 servings.

Source: Campbell’s 75th Anniversary Cookbook Cooking in Minutes
Copyright 1991 Campbell Soup Company
ISBN 1-56173-268-0