Spinach and Bacon Chicken

You guys. You guys.

Go make this now.

No. I’ll wait. Seriously.

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Brown Sugar Meatloaf: AR Review

I could’ve sworn I’d posted this before I moved, but I guess I didn’t.

Oh well. Hi ladies and gents! I bring you another Allrecipes Review – one of the last on my camera’s memory card. I still haven’t unpacked/found my charger, so… *shifty eyes*. I’m hoping this won’t be the last you see of me! Haha.

Anyway. I’ve got sort of a love/hate relationship with meatloaf. They can be pretty wall-flowery, can’t they? Very boring, very unassuming, and in the worst cases, pretty dry and gross. Big hunks of vegetables that just makes everything look so unappealing – which reminds me of Eddie Murphy’s stand up routine about his childhood self wanting a McDonald’s cheeseburger – leave a comment if you remember with what I’m talking about! (Eddie rocked that purple leather outfit, didn’t he? Haha)

I didn’t think I’d ever find another meatloaf recipe I liked more than Eileen’s. I’d be perfectly okay with serving that one at a dinner party. Not with Brown Sugar Meatloaf. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing ‘lesser’ to BSM, except that it’s simple. It reminds me of something my grandmother would’ve made back in the day. It’s just down home, good soul food, and it’s delicious. I had everything on hand in my pantry, and there wasn’t anything ‘weird’ in it like Parmesan cheese (which my husband despises. Who despises cheese?!)

It’s not overly sweet, which was a concern. I couldn’t taste the saltines, and it wasn’t so jam-packed with binder that it was dry. It wasn’t overly oily, either – in fact, I probably could’ve added more of the saltines to make it hold together more – when I placed it on the cutting board, it fell apart. It wasn’t a problem, though! The ginger lends something indescribable to the meat. It really ‘makes’ the meal, I think.

Definitely try this one. I was pleasantly surprised. 5 stars.

Smothered Pork: AR Review

Smothered Pork over Pasta

Ladies and gentlemen, I am confused.

When I made this recipe, it smelled great. The pork was fantastic – I wish I had more in the freezer it was so good.
The sauce, however, left something to be desired. I’m just not sure what that something is.

It’s a trifle .. well, it’s not bland. I just don’t know what it is. The dish didn’t get past the mushroom soup-beefy onion soup – gaahhhrlic – oniony-ness that seemed to overpower the pork.  That’s probably my fault, since I strayed from the recipe. But my family and I – including my picky daughter – ate it up.

But when it came to left overs, I couldn’t make myself eat it for a day or two.
And then I was staaarrving for protein, and all of a sudden there was a ton of pork left over that was just begging to be consumed.

This recipe isn’t one I’d purposefully set out to make ever again.
It’s not for dinner parties.
But if it’s the end of the month and money is scarce, and the ingredients are something you’ve got in your pantry, (and let’s face it, most of us do) it’s some good eating.

2 out of 5.

Best Beef and Broccoli: AR Review.

Mmm. Beef and Broccoli.
Pardon the shabby photo. I took it while I was sitting in front of my desk, ravenous. I’m surprised there isn’t a shot of a fork going in for the kill. I was that hungry. Alright. So I followed the recipe pretty much to the letter – save a few things. Instead of using fresh veggies, I used frozen and prechopped. I need to get out of this habit since whole fresh veggies are (presumably) cheaper, but I’m lazy. Really, really lazy. (I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to chop bell pepper so pretty.) Anyway! The cut of beef I used was on sale, so I didn’t really care if it was ’round’ or not. I cut it into strips. I doubled the broccoli soup, threw in some onions with the peppers along with a can of water chestnuts. Oh, and garlic. Minced garlic, since my hubby pretty much demands garlic in everything. Aside from the soup, I didn’t double anything (except that the cut of meat was just over a pound, but that’s really here nor there.) I did serve this over rice-a-roni, but it really doesn’t need anything to go ‘with’ it.

Definitely add some water chestnuts. It makes a 3.5 star dinner …. well, 4. It adds that UMPH! the recipe lacks.