Halloween Gingerbread House

So recently my honey went to Sam’s Club with his mama and came home with one of those store-bought gingerbread house kits. My daughter and I recently decided to put it together. And eat black icing.

I’m pretty sure half the black icing ended up in her tummy.

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I have an important announcement to make.

I would like to introduce you to the greatest damn apple juice in the ~world~.

My camera is still out of commission in a box somewhere,
so please enjoy this photo from their website.

This is, if you’re unaware, Martinelli’s 100% Pure Apple Juice. I’m pretty sure they serve this as an afternoon beverage in Heaven. A couple of years ago, I bought some on a whim. I was not aware of the reputation of the company – I just thought it was a local company and I wanted to support them. I’ve since gotten better at checking labels. (At the time I lived in South Carolina, and Martinelli’s is based in California.)

But while mere words can’t describe the awesomeness of Martinelli’s 100% Pure Apple Juice, let me just say 10 oz is $1.29 at my local Kroger. It’s not cheap, so when I do indulge, it’s on rare occasions like my birthday or holidays or just because I need pampered, damn it!

And then yesterday, I was looking for something for dinner (more about that in TGHH2010 post later today) and I saw the most amazing thing in the history of ever: Kroger had their 10 oz Pure Apple Juice on sale – 10 for $10! My mouth dropped, my face nearly cracked I was grinning so wide, and the nice lady with the blonde baby quickly left the isle. I got ten of those suckers, and proceeded to embarrass myself when my husband joined me in the deli department and saw me jumping up and down. It was pretty hilarious. I’m gonna use the juice to make my Easy Caramelized Onion Pork Chops. Mmm mmm mmm. It’s probably my favorite recipe with apples these days.

Go out and try Martinelli’s 100% Pure Apple Juice! It’s seriously excellent.
(Not a paid endorsement; unless someone sees this and wants to give me a year’s supply… hehe!)

(The big picture was found here; the small picture was found at the Martinelli’s website. Thanks!)

I never would’ve known if I hadn’t looked at Google!

Word up: Happy Birthday Alphonse Mucha. One day I wanna own one of your prints (probably one of the redheads so I can pretend it’s me) and stick it in my living room and pretend I’ve got culture.

Which I don’t, not really. I’m good at faking it, though.

I think everyone is familiar with his Seasons, but while I do like a couple of those, I’m not compelled to buy prints of those. If I can find prints in the following, I’d be much more willing to shell out the cash. To see the names, hover over the picture.

This is the first painting of his I ever liked.

Her body is … meow.
I know I should wax poetic about art-y things, but like I said. I’m not cultured.

I don’t like art because it’s art, I like it ’cause it’s pretty.

Sorry for the large size – it’s just so damned gorgeous I couldn’t bare to make it small. The angels are freaking divine. No pun intended.
I’m not quite sure the expression on her face is the expression I would have.

This one is called The Enchantress, and if you can’t understand why, please close out this web page because I just can’t help you.

You can find many more  paintings by Alphonse Mucha  at his Art Renewal Center page.

This is a test-y Post.

OMG you guys, sorry about the running around with the new wordpress address, but I just wanted to have all my bloggy type things on one blog. And lookahere, “Stirring Chaos” is born! Now I just need to come up with something that doesn’t suck as much as my banner does.

Does anyone wanna make me a banner? Maybe? Pretty please? 😀

Posting might be sporadic while I move (YAY!) and get things back to normal around here at Casa Chaos.

Moving Thoughts (While I do dishes)

For the past year, I’ve been doing dishes mostly in the dishwasher – ooh, I love my dishwasher. But I’ve kinda missed putting on my headphones and rocking out while I clean a kitchen. So while I’m cranky that I can’t just throw everything into the dishwasher because we’re out of dishwashing detergent, I’m secretly (or not so secretly now) excited I can do dishes.

Don’t let anyone know. I have a 12 year old that ‘doesn’t know how to do dishes by hand’, and doesn’t care to know, thankyouallverymuch all the while her mama just stands there in dumbfounded silence. I don’t need another shouting match between mama-and-child, letmetellyou.

So. As I’m doing dishes, I decided to whip up some Schwan’s brand cinnamon-sugar donuts.

Sorry for the less than stellar photo of the donuts, but I was in a hurry to eat ’em. And they are good. They are tasty. But I wouldn’t write home about them. (Which in effect I am; I suppose we know how valid my opinion is now, huh) They’re a little pricey, I think. I’m not sure how much come in one of those little white donut bags at the grocery store cost – you know the ones I’m talking about, they used to have dancing teenagers on the front – but that’s what the donut tastes like. Except instead of powdered sugar, it’s cinnamon-sugar. The white bag’s a better deal, because I can just rip open a bag and nomnom instead of waiting for the Schwan’s guy and then having to bake them on top of that. So maybe 3 stars.

So. Here’s the ‘moving’ part of the title. We’re moving. It’s really freaking scary to be moving when there’s not a for-sure place to go yet, but I’m trying really, really hard to stay optimistic. It’s like stepping out on an old suspension bridge that wobbles a whole lot. I’m sure we’ll make it across okay, but there’s still the chance we could go crashing down. With the sides of my face on fire. (name that movie!)

We’re not even 100% sure my MIL has to move like she says. I think it’s really horrible the manner in which we’ve been told – less than a month to find a place – but we’re going to make it work. I’m not going to be mad forever. She should have told us that there was a chance she would be evicted. She’s had a freaking year.

I’ve been scouring Craigslist every hour or so. You have to in order to keep up with the listings – these things go fast! I’ve gotten a couple of bites, and like I said, we’ve got something I’m considering a ‘maybe’. Until we’re actually in somewhere, I’m gonna be cranky. And worried.

And I haven’t moved a lot. Can’t even bake the worry away because I should be moving this stuff, not baking delicious bread. (Which I really, really wanna do.)

And I wanna go shopping for this new place. But I can’t do that, either.
But I have some various stuff my MIL has bought me through the year we’ve lived with her.
She’s giving me her egg pan. Which is cool, but it’s not as cool as it would’ve been if she’d given me the pan I actually wanted. But beggers can’t be choosers.

Hm. What else? I’m actually not even cooking now, or doing dishes – I’ve had this blog entry up for hours now – it’s fifteen after 11. I think I started this .. well, you’ll see.

I think I’m gonna go cruise Craigslist again. And maybe put some stuff on my Amazon/Williams Sonoma wishlist.

Cause I’m movin’, ya’ll, and I need stuff.

I’m SO sorry!

See this face? This is my dog Boo’s embarrassed face. He’s ashamed that I haven’t updated this blog properly in a long, long time.

And I even made a New Year’s Resolution to be a better blogger!

I know, right? It’s the 12th and I haven’t uploaded a single picture.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve been cooking! And baking! I baked a lot over Christmas and Thanksgiving, but not a single picture nor recipe has graced the not-so-hallowed walls of Dragonfly Baking. Hmph. And it’s not even that I have a good excuse.

I was going to make my Grandmama’s Gingersnaps. Took pictures and all!
And accidentally erased them from my computer.

I was going to tell ya’ll about the recipe from Allrecipes that I tried called Beefy Baked Ravioli. My picky 12 year old daughter tore it up, ya’ll. But this:

Was the final picture I took. No more layers, no yummy just-baked ooey gooey bubbly goodness. No plated shot.

No, my small audience, I should just admit it. I suck as a food blogger.
But this isn’t me giving up. This isn’t me giving in.

This is me giving you – yes you, my faithful one reader – my solemn promise that I will update more regularly than once a month. Maybe … oh, let’s be shameless! Twice a month! See you soon!

And hey! While I’m here, let’s go ahead and post this:

Beefy Baked Ravioli

Things Nancy Wants, Part One

There’s just some things that are too adorable to be stood, and that they must be bought for me right this very second. Here at  Dragonfly Baking Stirring Chaos!, it’s pretty well understood that if it’s got a cupcake on it, or it’s for a cupcake, I must have it or die.

Photo copyright Whitney Smith

Say hello to the newest thing I must have or I’ll die. It’s a cupcake stand. You heard me, folks, it’s a stand. for cupcakes. I just might keel over from the cute.

Now, to remind people that my birthday is coming up on November 27th…