Halloween Gingerbread House

So recently my honey went to Sam’s Club with his mama and came home with one of those store-bought gingerbread house kits. My daughter and I recently decided to put it together. And eat black icing.

I’m pretty sure half the black icing ended up in her tummy.

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Two of my reasons for living.

Happy birthday, big guy. You’re the big Oh-Four. I love you like crazy. Thanks for keeping mom’s lap deadened.

Moving Thoughts (While I do dishes)

For the past year, I’ve been doing dishes mostly in the dishwasher – ooh, I love my dishwasher. But I’ve kinda missed putting on my headphones and rocking out while I clean a kitchen. So while I’m cranky that I can’t just throw everything into the dishwasher because we’re out of dishwashing detergent, I’m secretly (or not so secretly now) excited I can do dishes.

Don’t let anyone know. I have a 12 year old that ‘doesn’t know how to do dishes by hand’, and doesn’t care to know, thankyouallverymuch all the while her mama just stands there in dumbfounded silence. I don’t need another shouting match between mama-and-child, letmetellyou.

So. As I’m doing dishes, I decided to whip up some Schwan’s brand cinnamon-sugar donuts.

Sorry for the less than stellar photo of the donuts, but I was in a hurry to eat ’em. And they are good. They are tasty. But I wouldn’t write home about them. (Which in effect I am; I suppose we know how valid my opinion is now, huh) They’re a little pricey, I think. I’m not sure how much come in one of those little white donut bags at the grocery store cost – you know the ones I’m talking about, they used to have dancing teenagers on the front – but that’s what the donut tastes like. Except instead of powdered sugar, it’s cinnamon-sugar. The white bag’s a better deal, because I can just rip open a bag and nomnom instead of waiting for the Schwan’s guy and then having to bake them on top of that. So maybe 3 stars.

So. Here’s the ‘moving’ part of the title. We’re moving. It’s really freaking scary to be moving when there’s not a for-sure place to go yet, but I’m trying really, really hard to stay optimistic. It’s like stepping out on an old suspension bridge that wobbles a whole lot. I’m sure we’ll make it across okay, but there’s still the chance we could go crashing down. With the sides of my face on fire. (name that movie!)

We’re not even 100% sure my MIL has to move like she says. I think it’s really horrible the manner in which we’ve been told – less than a month to find a place – but we’re going to make it work. I’m not going to be mad forever. She should have told us that there was a chance she would be evicted. She’s had a freaking year.

I’ve been scouring Craigslist every hour or so. You have to in order to keep up with the listings – these things go fast! I’ve gotten a couple of bites, and like I said, we’ve got something I’m considering a ‘maybe’. Until we’re actually in somewhere, I’m gonna be cranky. And worried.

And I haven’t moved a lot. Can’t even bake the worry away because I should be moving this stuff, not baking delicious bread. (Which I really, really wanna do.)

And I wanna go shopping for this new place. But I can’t do that, either.
But I have some various stuff my MIL has bought me through the year we’ve lived with her.
She’s giving me her egg pan. Which is cool, but it’s not as cool as it would’ve been if she’d given me the pan I actually wanted. But beggers can’t be choosers.

Hm. What else? I’m actually not even cooking now, or doing dishes – I’ve had this blog entry up for hours now – it’s fifteen after 11. I think I started this .. well, you’ll see.

I think I’m gonna go cruise Craigslist again. And maybe put some stuff on my Amazon/Williams Sonoma wishlist.

Cause I’m movin’, ya’ll, and I need stuff.

It’s the Eeeeeyyyyye of the tiiiiiiiiiggggeerrr.

It’s been a couple of months since I last updated this thing, and that’s because we were able to keep in touch via the phone a lot more than I expected. But not right now, so this lets me open this back up and get to the blogging! I love blogging. I don’t do it much these days.

So. Two weeks ago I acquired a new character, a hobgoblin by the name of Julia Stuart. She’s a lovely, smart girl with a passion for baking. Unfortunately, her particular brand of hobgoblinary means she is, and I quote, a fuck up fairy. Oops. It seems that my imaginary character has decided that it would be a perfect time for fucking up everything in real life, too!

For example, Amber and her family was set to visit a week from yesterday, right? On the way here, they blew a tire. They got lost – twice! Once they were here, I snapped a couple of pictures of Mom and Frankie and Piper..


Aren’t they cute? Soon after that, me and my sister and mom and Josh piled in the van in order to go shopping and pay some bills. The comedy of errors continued; the bank was closed for the weekend. Darnit. So on we went to Walmart, in which We Had Fun. And then we went to Sonic for dinner.

Amber: *loves Sonic*
Me: *loves Sonic*
Josh: *has never been to Sonic, in his forty years, so he had absolutely no idea how to order from there*
Josh: *goes through Drive-Thru*
Me and Amber: Nostalgia is not a go! D:

But it wasn’t bad. We got home, we ate dinner, we had a great time. Frankie wasn’t feeling well, so they left around 9 PM.

And at 4 AM, Amber tells me that the kids broke her glasses and they have to leave in the morning 😦


But hey, I got to see my sister. And my niece and nephew. It was so cute, when mom went outside to meet them at the car, Frankie ran up to her. He’s got the biggest, brightest most adorable smile I’ve ever seen before in my life. Piper’s a little shyer but it was so great.

I hope they can come back for Easter. Maybe. I need to talk to her about it I guess.

So they go home, and while I still got my Ipod:

(His name is Caelum, as a creature as sexy as my Touch is should be named after another ubersexy creature.)
(Also, I’m pretty sure that’s not a marijuana plant.)

I wasn’t able to give Amber her present, or the kids clothes they can’t wear, or their puzzles and Piper’s doll. *sigh* Comedy of Errors: Infinity, Nancy and Amber: 2.

On Saturday we went to Sam’s Club, and I get my eyes checked at the spurr of the moment. I’d planned on making an appointment, sure, but apparently the Uber Cute Doctor (Hi Doc!) knew I was a chickenshit and said I could come on back. Yeah, make it so I can’t back out at last minute. How’d they know?! Shockingly enough, I needed glasses! :O

And what Mama needs, mama gets.
Yes, they’re pink. Shut up.

Mom had a doctor’s appointment on Monday. Dr. Dodd has increased her Gamba — Gampen — her damn Neurontin prescription so that it’s 1200 mgs per day (2 during the day, 2 before bed) and she’s taking 30 mgs Lisinopril now. She’s told not to worry about her weight right now – taking insulin is going to make her gain about 30 pounds anyway – and that everything else wrong with her is more important than her ‘ballooning’ weight. (It’s not ballooning. She’s a size 14/16. She looks very good.) She’s taking 20 units of insulin in the morning, and 27 units of insulin at night. I’m still having a hard time keeping her from eating a lot of food, especially sweets. Sometimes I feel like it’s a battle I just can’t win.

Other news? Josh got his driver’s license! I’m so proud of him. We might be buying a car soonish, so he can get back and forth to school. I’m excited for him. I think we go Monday in order to get FOOD! and ID cards and FOOD. Have I mentioned food? I love grocery shopping. =D

Aw, Crap.

That pretty much cements my entire week, you guys. I’ve accomplished zilch, really – and I’m not okay with that.

Oh. I did manage to get mom, Josh, and myself to the grocery store, and stuff was acquired, but while stuff was acquired, most of it was junk food or what have you. Ah, well. We need snack food too!

Someone who HAS NOT SUCKED AND DOES NOT SUCK AT ALL would be my mom. She’s been a non-smoker for a WHOLE entire MONTH now! Isn’t that awesome? It’s awesome. We can sit in a no-smoking area and she doesn’t have a nicotine fit!

But my aunt’s been ..ahem.. firmly encouraging me to post my brine recipe, and I will – I WILL – but I keep forgetting to get the ingredients. And now I keep forgetting to, you know, make it. But I’ve got A List, and it’s going to be accomplished.

With that said, here’s a mini-list:

  • The puppies are now 2 months old – and I want them goooone. If Amber can’t come at the end of the month, I won’t be able to keep Muffin for her.
  • My daughter is a cheer leader again! She’s excited about it.
  • Josh is sick – again.
  • Josh started college courses at a local school late last month. I’m so proud of him! He just finished his first full week 🙂
  • School starts up for me tomorrow. I’m excited, though I wish I had my textbook now.