As I’m making a list for Thanksgiving Dinner 2010, I figured I might want to come back and revisit the cluttered mess that is my ‘About Me’ page.

Doing this allows me to procrastinate and avoid things that need doing.
Like dishes.
I hate doing dishes, don’t you?

I used to have a heartfelt letter from my sister Amber to ya’ll here, saying how great I am, but really, what American knows who Gackt is? (Hint: He’s really famous in Japan, and if you like Final Fantasy… you’re familiar with his face.)


Anyway, I was half convinced that Amber and I would end up on Oprah, explain our heartfelt story how one handsome, multitalented Japanese rock star brought two sad, lonely women together as soul-sisters, and Oprah would excitedly direct our attention backstage where THE MAN HIMSELF would come out and hug us and kiss us and it would just be awesome. Oprah would hoot and holler and then give us tickets to her “GET STUFF FREE” shows.

It was a dream I had, and sometimes my dreams come true.

Except now Oprah is going off the air.
I like Ellen better anyway.

Back to me.

I was born in ’79, in bitter cold of a mid-fall morning, except South Carolina doesn’t get ‘bitterly cold’ at any time, let alone in November. I was pretty laid back as a kid – that one instance of screaming “fire fuck mommy!” during church as a fire truck went by notwithstanding – even if some aspects of my childhood were reprehensible. (I brought out a big word, you know it was bad!)

Without going into too much detail as this website is supposed to be lighthearted and funny and fun, let’s just say that the product of a bad man will not always be bad herself.

Unless if by ‘bad’ you mean writing erotica, okay, yeah, I’m a bad, bad woman. 😉

When I was 14 years old, I started my first year at South Florence High School. That first day I realized I only had four more years of school left, and I literally fell out of my desk. (Thankfully no one saw.)

The day after that, while I was in the office looking to change my course load, I noticed a book shoved on a shelf, almost half-hidden by bigger college books. It was from Johnson and Wales University. I picked it up, took it home, and immediately decided I was going to attend majoring in Culinary Arts. Filled out the application and everything.

And JWU was great, telling me to send in another application in a few years.
So I did, and got accepted.

Twice, as a matter of fact, except life sometimes gets in the way of what you want. I spent about ten years taking care of my ailing grandmother.

I never went, but I’m planning once I graduate from the Art Institute Online, where I’m busily trying to get my BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management. If you’ve seen my amateur attempts at decorating gingerbread houses, you may wonder why JWU hasn’t barred me from their hallowed halls. Simple: We’re meant to be!

Now I’m married, a SAHM and home school Learning Coach for a nearly 13 year old, and I take care of my disabled mom. My husband needs taking care of too, so things are always pretty chaotic around here.

But I keep stirring that pot 🙂

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