Happy Halloween, Baby

Let’s have a moment of silence for Pete.
Have a Happy Halloween in Heaven, sugar. †

…Wow. It feels a little weird to follow that with what I had for breakfast, LOL, but here we go. My fellow blogger Damaris at Kitchen Corners (opens in a new window!) recently made a post about spooky sandwiches using Halloween-themed cookie cutters. It’s a really cute idea, and one I think everyone has tried at one occasion or another. For my daughter’s little impromptu get-together on Begger’s Night I made chicken salad sandwiches, and instead of slices of wheat and white I cut out pumpkins, tombstones, ghosts, and haunted houses. The bigger the shapes, the better. I wasn’t able to make sandwiches out of the more narrow bat and cat. But they’d make excellent cut outs for toast!

Dark 1926 houses are horrible for food photos.

I let the kids choose the shapes they wanted, then I spooned little bits of homemade chicken salad onto the bread for the smaller kids.

But that’s not the point of this post! BREAKFAST is 🙂

There’s just something amazing about warm, buttery bread and eggs. Why not carry on the festivities in the morning (for All Saint’s Day!) and make eggs in the baskets?

Here’s what you’ll need for each person:

2 eggs
2 slices of bread – I used wheat and white
salt and pepper

Cookie cutter (I used a pumpkin shape)
fry pan

Note: You’ll want the cookie cutter to be big enough to hold a large egg. Mini-cookie cutters or pie dough cutters won’t work well for this, unless you’re using a smaller egg.

1. Take your slices of bread, and cut out your pumpkins. Don’t throw it away, you’ll toast it later.
2. Heat your fry pan on medium, place a pat or two of butter on the bottom and let it melt nicely.
3. Once your butter has melted, place a slice of bread into the pan. Crack open an egg into the outline of the pumpkin. 4. Sprinkle it with salt and pepper, and let it cook for about 2 minutes.
5. Carefully flip it over and let it cook another minute or two.

Repeat the steps for the 2nd egg.
If there’s bits and pieces of egg/toast in the pan, wipe them out and add a little more butter to the pan. Throw in your pumpkin shaped bread innards, and let them toast up.

This is really delicious, and very filling on a cool Autumn morning 🙂

Happy Halloween!



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