Halloween Gingerbread House

So recently my honey went to Sam’s Club with his mama and came home with one of those store-bought gingerbread house kits. My daughter and I recently decided to put it together. And eat black icing.

I’m pretty sure half the black icing ended up in her tummy.

Pardon the bad shot, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the black icing ended up on the poor tombstone here.

While she’s been working on her tombstone, I went and started work on this handsome boy.
Why yes, I did almost go to culinary school! :O I know! It’s amazing that I was actually accepted
to Johnson and Wales University almost 10 years ago. In some weird way, I’m kind of fond of my low-rent version of a door from Beetlejuice.

I like to think that my inability to decorate the house attractively stems from not having any actual tools and not an inability to make art.

I have no idea what’s wrong with my pictures, except I’m using my old camera I gave  my daughter.

But that doesn’t matter! Isn’t the roof attractive? And spooky?
The roof is melting!

While I was working on my gingerbread-y masterpiece, my daughter was diligently working on a piece of gingerbread stamped with “Boo”.

Unfortunately every time I see it I just don’t see “Boo”.
It looks like a penis.


Which is why I put it on the roof. :X


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