Schwan’s is amazing, you guys.

First of all, I wanna say THANK YOU! to the people that have dropped by and said hello. It means a lot, and I love you all. You can’t imagine how nice it was to see the dramatic ARCH in the pageviews. It made me giddy.

Secondly, I gotta admit that I haven’t been doing things from scratch the past few days. On Monday my very cute Schwan’s delivery guy stopped by, and I got our food! More importantly, I got our gallon of Summer’s Dream Ice Cream. It’s described as, “A combination of rich creamy vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet.” What they forget to mention is “made by the gods”.  It’s seriously delicious and I wish they’d make it year round.

Something else I try is the Black Angus Steak Burger. You get 8 in a package, which works really well for my little family – that’s 2 meals right there. They’re incredibly juicy and unlike a lot of preformed patties, they’re not paper thin, and they’re tasty. That’s actually what we’re having tonight, with some MicrosSteam Baby Broccoli Florets.

I won’t go into all what I got, but I did wanna share some of my favorite items to buy. They really are very, very tasty. ❤

(Picture belongs to Schwan’s!)

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