I never would’ve known if I hadn’t looked at Google!

Word up: Happy Birthday Alphonse Mucha. One day I wanna own one of your prints (probably one of the redheads so I can pretend it’s me) and stick it in my living room and pretend I’ve got culture.

Which I don’t, not really. I’m good at faking it, though.

I think everyone is familiar with his Seasons, but while I do like a couple of those, I’m not compelled to buy prints of those. If I can find prints in the following, I’d be much more willing to shell out the cash. To see the names, hover over the picture.

This is the first painting of his I ever liked.

Her body is … meow.
I know I should wax poetic about art-y things, but like I said. I’m not cultured.

I don’t like art because it’s art, I like it ’cause it’s pretty.

Sorry for the large size – it’s just so damned gorgeous I couldn’t bare to make it small. The angels are freaking divine. No pun intended.
I’m not quite sure the expression on her face is the expression I would have.

This one is called The Enchantress, and if you can’t understand why, please close out this web page because I just can’t help you.

You can find many more  paintings by Alphonse Mucha  at his Art Renewal Center page.


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