Rawr, moving.

So it’s no surprise that we’re moving. It’s been in the planning stage for almost a year now. I mean, that’s why we moved to Ohio in the first place. But I’m running into a problem.

$2100 / 4br – Rent to Own a MANSION with NO CREDIT CHECK!! (Marysville, OH)

Ignore the most likely scam. (Yes. Like anyone could actually indeed RTO a mansion with no credit check.) You see that price tag? That’s $2100 a month. For 4 bedrooms.


At the moment, with the hubbykins and myself still in school, we’re pretty much stuck with a rent payment of $600 a month. Far, far less than the ‘rental mansion’ price tag, but apartments aren’t that much cheaper.

$1195 / 3br – Newly Finished 3BR, 1.5BA Townhome (Upper Arlington, Grandview) (map)

You lose a bedroom. Which makes me sad, cause I really want a guest bedroom.

We went and saw a place today. We’re gonna try to get this place, but I’m worried about appliances now. No appliances furnished, and we don’t have any. Makes me sad-faced. I’d love to be able to surprise my SC-family and be moving in the end of next week before telling them, but until I’ve got keys, I don’t trust it. I’ve been burned before and mom doesn’t need the constant stress. It’s up our price range, too, and has history. Houses built in 1923 usually have that. I love old houses.


3 comments on “Rawr, moving.

  1. OCUPADA says:

    This is precisely why my husband and I continue to bite our pillows in anguish over our dream Iowa farmhouse. Craigslist, it would seem, was a fools quest…le sigh. Best of luck with the move!

  2. Nancy says:

    Thank you! We did find the house I mentioned at the end of my mini-rant. I updated my food blog about it, but not this one! I would think a realtor would always be a better decision when buying a property. My husband and I would eventually like to own a bed and breakfast and have a gorgeous Victorian for ourselves, and I daresay that Craigslist would be horrible for things like that. During our quest for a rental property, I came across at least 5-10 scams.Have you tried HUD homes? My husband likes to 'house hunt' at oldhouses.com. I'm not sure what your budget is, but hey – it's good for dreaming, right?http://www.oldhouses.com/cf/listinglist.cfm?q_listingstate=IA&searchname=Listings+In+Iowa (obviously listing in Iowa.)

  3. Nancy says:

    …Ooh. Wait. HUD homes wouldn't be listed at oldhouses.com, at least I don't think they would be. HUD homes, if you qualify, could be a great deal. We had found a gorgeous Queen Anne that needed some upkeep but at the moment our credit scores and our monthly $$$ wasn't quite up to par – at least with the lenders! Just wanted to clear that up if it was confusing..

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