Best Beef and Broccoli: AR Review.

Mmm. Beef and Broccoli.
Pardon the shabby photo. I took it while I was sitting in front of my desk, ravenous. I’m surprised there isn’t a shot of a fork going in for the kill. I was that hungry. Alright. So I followed the recipe pretty much to the letter – save a few things. Instead of using fresh veggies, I used frozen and prechopped. I need to get out of this habit since whole fresh veggies are (presumably) cheaper, but I’m lazy. Really, really lazy. (I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to chop bell pepper so pretty.) Anyway! The cut of beef I used was on sale, so I didn’t really care if it was ’round’ or not. I cut it into strips. I doubled the broccoli soup, threw in some onions with the peppers along with a can of water chestnuts. Oh, and garlic. Minced garlic, since my hubby pretty much demands garlic in everything. Aside from the soup, I didn’t double anything (except that the cut of meat was just over a pound, but that’s really here nor there.) I did serve this over rice-a-roni, but it really doesn’t need anything to go ‘with’ it.

Definitely add some water chestnuts. It makes a 3.5 star dinner …. well, 4. It adds that UMPH! the recipe lacks.


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