Baked Beans & Baked Mac and Cheese

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days now – since the 4th, actually. (Happy birthday America and Gackt!) I should be making dinner but I’m here typing to you guys instead. Ah well 🙂

DSCN0614 DSCN0594

After the jump, read how to make these two side dishes!


DSCN0601 DSCN0607
Dear sweet heavenly Paula Deen, have you ever seen such gorgeous pictures before?!

Take five pieces of bacon and cut ’em into bite sized pieces. Fry them until they’re however crispy you like. I like ’em like the one on the right.


Drain the bacon grease into your dog’s food bowl, or do what I did: throw it into a bowl for ‘seasoning’ your vegetables. Your Southern friends will love you. Your doctor, however, will hate you. (Unless of course s/he’s a Southerner too!)

Dump 6 cans of Great Northern beans into the same skillet, top with the bacon and mix well.

Add brown sugar – when I asked my mom about the brown sugar, she told me ‘six heaping tablespoons full’. Well. I never claimed this was ‘good for you’. Sigh.

DSCN0611 DSCN0612

Immediately stir stir stir.


Add ketchup – good ketchup, not the cheap kind. (That was my Ina Garten impersonation.)
I added about 2 cups.

The idea behind all of this is to let it stew/cook/consider what it’s actions while you wait for it to get entirely tasty. This would be especially awesome thrown into the crock pot and cooked on low all day.

Mom snuck into the kitchen and threw in some chopped onion. Which is totally OK, because I threw in some garlic, too. Awesome. No plated shot ’cause I totally forgot.


Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees, and throw some elbows into some salted boiling water. I used five cups of cooked elbows in this.


Crack 4 eggs into your baking dish. Add cheese – this is sharp cheddar, any will do. I actually much rather throw in blends to deepen the flavor, but use whatcha got on hand. This is probably 3 cups of cheese.


Drain your elbows, and add to your dish. Stir stir stir. Cheese will melt, but this just adds to the deliciousness.


So here’s where I can’t tell you however much milk to add, except to say “bring it up to the noodle line.” I also really, really like half-and-half in this instead of milk, but it’s more expensive, lemme tell you.


Dot with butter or margarine. Butter’s better, but hey. Is anyone gonna complain that it’s not butter? Well, me, but I’m a huge butter snob.

Throw it into your preheated oven. 25-35 minutes, depending on the heat of your oven.




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