The World Has Changed.

Alright. I’m gonna be 100% truthful with you guys. I’ma level with you, because that’s just the kinda gal I am. I don’t like waffles. I’m a pancake girl. 100%, you can’t change my mind. Nu uh, no how. Very, very rarely would one come in contact with my lips, and usually that’s because I was obviously sick in the head. (I was: 102 degree fever; obviously I was delirious!)

Until.. this:

my world: rocked

I don’t get it. What suddenly makes waffles okay if they’re attached to a stick? Would they be infinitely tastier at the fair like corn dogs are, instead of made at home? (I don’t care what Alton Brown says – please forgive me, Sire, I don’t mean to besmirch your Word – but I think his corn dogs are only good ’cause they come from His Majesty And Coolest Guy Ever Mr. Alton Brown. You understand.)

See, this is what needs to happen. Someone, preferably absolutely gorgeous Carlos Bocanegra, can get one of those gadgets for me, bring it from France, and then I can taste test those babies. Yes. Sound like a plan, Triangular Concept?

(Triangular Concept via my friend Kate via Gizmodo via TheTrendyGirl via The Daily What. I’m totally the next Kevin Bacon.)

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