Roasting the Bird


Alright. The final part of the recipe..the roasting! Since I used boneless skinless turkey breast, my breasts ended up a tiny bit on the dry side, but I’m going to fix that pretty soon – I’m planning turkey alfredo and turkey noodle soup as well as sandwiches xD

But if you just pay attention to the bird and the directions – you’ll be fine! I’ve never had a HOLIDAY bird, at least, go dry on me XD


Okay. You’ve got one well-brined bird. Pre-heat your oven to 500; while your oven heats, remove the bird from the brine, rinse it, and pat it dry; discard the brine. Rub the bird with canola, corn, or extra virgin olive oil, and any herbs you might want to use. If you put aromatics in the cavity, you can do that at this time (I just squeezed a lemon in the inside, and chucked the halves in after the juice.) Make sure the legs are in their little holder, to keep them together, or use twine; tuck the wings underneath themselves so they don’t flop about. Make a little foil breast-plate for the turkey breast, but don’t put it on yet.

Oiled and prepped turkey goes into the 500-degree oven for thirty minutes to brown, so use a timer here. After thirty minutes, put the foil breast-plate on your turkey and turn the heat down to 350 degrees, and roast it until the breast temperature is at 161… for a 12 – 14lb turkey, this should take about 1.5 hours OR until the little thermometer pops up OR when the juices run clear. Try not to open the oven door while the bird’s cooking, that’ll make it take longer.

When your turkey is done, remove it, let it rest for a bit, carve it up, eat it, and be in sheer poultry BLISS. Seriously, it’s the best turkey I’ve ever eaten. EVER.

And now, I’ve got a case of the turkey hungries now. Time for leftovers!

EDIT: Problem of ‘dry’ fixed! It’s not dry anymore. Whut? It’s a pre-Halloween miracle! O_O ohgoditssogood.


One comment on “Roasting the Bird

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. What all did we put in the cavity of the turkey last year?

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