Aw, Crap.

That pretty much cements my entire week, you guys. I’ve accomplished zilch, really – and I’m not okay with that.

Oh. I did manage to get mom, Josh, and myself to the grocery store, and stuff was acquired, but while stuff was acquired, most of it was junk food or what have you. Ah, well. We need snack food too!

Someone who HAS NOT SUCKED AND DOES NOT SUCK AT ALL would be my mom. She’s been a non-smoker for a WHOLE entire MONTH now! Isn’t that awesome? It’s awesome. We can sit in a no-smoking area and she doesn’t have a nicotine fit!

But my aunt’s been ..ahem.. firmly encouraging me to post my brine recipe, and I will – I WILL – but I keep forgetting to get the ingredients. And now I keep forgetting to, you know, make it. But I’ve got A List, and it’s going to be accomplished.

With that said, here’s a mini-list:

  • The puppies are now 2 months old – and I want them goooone. If Amber can’t come at the end of the month, I won’t be able to keep Muffin for her.
  • My daughter is a cheer leader again! She’s excited about it.
  • Josh is sick – again.
  • Josh started college courses at a local school late last month. I’m so proud of him! He just finished his first full week 🙂
  • School starts up for me tomorrow. I’m excited, though I wish I had my textbook now.
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