Nancy: 1 Month in Ohio

Let’s start this thing off with a list, shall we?


  • Hotdogs are better in Ohio. Seriously! I never liked hotdogs till I grilled some on the indoor grill tonight (there’s a story, and it’s at dragonflybaking.)
  • I can like a big ass dog.
  • I *AM* a good mom.
  • I miss the South (but am unsure if I’d want to move back.)
  • Butcher shops are a gift from God.
  • I never want to move out of this house because of the backyard pond. And the ducks!
  • I CAN! like stuffed peppers
  • I CAN! like weird dishes I’ve never heard of before
  • I CAN! like Baked!Ruffles
  • I finally named my KitchenAid. His name is Johnny Depp, and he is good.
  • Midnight snacks never seem to be worth it if you’ve got to make a trip down the stairs to get some. (Why oh why did I start squirreling snacks upstairs in my office? Now I’ll never get rid of my thunderthighs!)
  • Thinking about driving in Columbus is WAY WAY WAY WAY scarier than thinking about driving in Sumter EVER was. (SO. MANY. HIGHWAYS. WTF?!)
  • Growling and threatening to hurt my husband only makes him tickle me harder.
  • My husband loves me.
  • My daughter loves me.
  • Puppies are way cute.
  • Gas oven/stoves are pretty damn cool.
  • White Castle is not the king of Hamburgers. Sliders are not all they’re cracked up to be.
  • McDonalds is a lot cooler if you see one of the retro restaurants.
  • My southern sensibilities want to BITCHSLAP some of the native Ohioans. Is it RUDE to be NICE? WTF, people, WHAT THE F…this is a family blog. *ahem* Sorry.
  • There is such a thing as ‘Vanilla Paste’, but I still dunno what it is.

Ahh. Lists. I like lists.

Wednesday at noon, Kelly freaks out because she hears the tornado sirens going off. Two things:

  1. The city tests their tornado sirens every Wednesday at Noon to make sure they work
  2. I am going to die in a tornado because I did not hear them go off.

Her grandmother tells her that hi, they test them on Wednesdays, and I’m like, waitwhut? O_O
Exactly! If this blog goes dead suddenly it’s probably ’cause a tornado came and carted my deaf ass to Oz.

That’s .. pretty much the most exciting thing that’s happened this week, aside from Mom’s preliminary appointment at Behavioral Sciences on Wednesday. We’re still in the middle of getting her situated with SSI, and so Josh and mom and I piled in the car to go to BS (haha) and mom filled out a forms and talked the entire time. The next day, they call mom and tell her they want her to see a psychologist. We’re not sure why, except my aunt Beth thinks maybe they want to see her because of her history of physical and sexual abuse as well as her depression.

As always, I’ll update when I know more.

So. I never blogged about it, but we’ve got puppies! Ginger gave birth to four fat squirmy things back on August 5th.

(After they were all born. You can’t see the fourth.)

(We’re hardcore here at ATCIC. SHE’S GIVING BIRTH HERE.)


How could you tell this face no?
(Taken today! Two weeks old :D)

Aw. Hey sis! You get first dibs. I’m particular to the girl, mom’s particular to the white/brown/black mix, and Josh is particular to that one ^^ You haaaave to take one. You have to.

I’ve got more on MySPACE, if anyone is curious to see all of them 🙂

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