I forgot something!

So, like I mentioned on Dragonfly Baking, earlier this week I was going to make Magnolia cupcakes because hey, I like cupcakes. Except I was not aware that my MIL does not use self-rising flour. It wasn’t a big deal, but she was sitting at the table and overheard me tell Josh and Mom that the plans had changed a little bit. And as soon as I was done telling, I went upstairs and found another recipe.

Today my MIL had to go to the grocery store to pick up some odds and ends (basically, I used up all the flour and sugar and eggs. I’m such a baker.) and MILK because while the EXPIRATION DATE wasn’t up, the milk apparently was. (And apparently there is such a thing as a sour milk cake, according to my MIL.) I was upstairs doing something (who knows) when she comes back. I go down to see what’s up because Josh calls me.

… My MIL bought me self-rising flour. And I didn’t ask her to. And I thought she forgot. ;__; I’m so touched, you guys.

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