Ahh. Vanilla Cupcakes, I WILL have you. :D

There I was, sitting at the breakfast table a little less than a month ago while my beloved made us breakfast, telling my daughter Kelly that hey! It’s almost time for school to start back, we should have one last cookout before she goes, with this big ol’ grin on my face cause at the time I was still in I’m Your New Mom Please Love Me mode and trying to make the experience, you know, family-ish.

Why I was trying to make the family sitting down for breakfast more family-ish I dunno, but I was trying.

So we settled on hotdogs and chips and lemonade and cupcakes, and it would be good, cause I was going to do it all from scratch (aside from the chips. I’m not crazy enough to attempt that.)

…It didn’t happen that way, I’m sorry to say. First, on the subject of wieners (ladies and gentlemen, don’t laugh. :P) I am partial to Oscar Meyer. As in, it’s the only wiener I’ll eat. (I said no laughing. I do not need a peanut gallery, thanks.) Josh goes and gets Ball Park Turkey Franks.


Thankfully I’d already thrown a package of The Only Wieners Nancy Will Eat into the buggy.
(Turkey franks? Seriously? Uhm no.)

Instead of buying lemons for lemonade, I completely forget. No lemons are bought. Woe.
But I did see that Sunkist made a lemonade soda, and Sunkist makes a fanTABUlous orange soda, so I figured it’d be good too. (It is, but it’s no lemonade.)
Then on to the baking aisle. My MIL keeps a nicely stocked pantry – so nice I can’t find anything in there normally – so the only thing I have to pick up is bread flour. (OMG YOU GUYS! BREAD WEEK IS NEXT WEEK! WOO HOO!)

So yesterday I’m in the pantry, making sure I’ve got all the ingredients for my go-to vanilla cupcake (which is the Magnolia cupcake) … and there’s ..no self rising flour. O_O Now see, back in Sumter it was always the opposite. We’d have a ton of self rising flour but no AP. Vexing. But that’s OK. I know a ton of foodie blogs. Surely there’s a couple of excellent recipes that just call for AP flour, right?

I ended up making a batch of Cherry Vanilla Cupcakes from the Cupcake Bakeshop – except I didn’t have any cherries. But it’s a vanilla cake, darn it, and only required AP flour! Oh, and it’s pretty tasty, too. I was resourceful and filled half of them (horribly) with strawberry preserves. It was my first time filling cupcakes, ok? I did my best.

Not a lot of strawberry preserves. But still yummy!
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