We’re settling in quite nicely.

Meet Percy. Well. At least, Josh and I think this is Persephone. She’s mom’s kitten that does not like water, if you can believe it. Shocking, I know. Sunday night Josh gave all the cats baths – including Arden, of whom I have pictures on MySpace and Flickr, ask and ye shall receive – and this is one of the pictures of DrownedRat!Percy.

More to come.

Pandora (who has been given the undignified pet name of, all things, ‘Pandy Wandy’, thanks Kelly) had a bath, too, like I said, but I didn’t snap pictures of her.

There’s been a ton of picture taking lately. The house is gorgeous, let me tell you. The back yard overlooks a freaking lake. There’s ducks and geese and a blue heron (of which I haven’t been able to get on film *YET*) and the sun shines just *so* and it’s gorgeous.

But I just wanted to show off Wet!Kitten! pictures. I’ve got a storyline to write out and ChaCha to do tonight – see you on AIM if you want! =)


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