Gaming and more!

My sister and I have been spending a LOT more time than we’d been doing previously. I think because the kids are getting a little older she can have some room to breathe. Amber and I are playing Wonderland, which you can find here: Come play with us! 😀

Oh, alright. No stupid link. Just comment and I’ll link you! 😀

Josh’s mom had an emergency surgery about a week ago; she spent around a week and a half in the hospital. She’s doing a LOT better now, so much better she’s at home! I know Josh says a lot of things about his mom, but this really let me know just how much he loves her. It was actually nice to see. I’m so glad she’s doing a lot better!

Thanksgiving was really nice. I only wish more of my family had been able to attend; I really missed Shannon and Chris this year, and of course Amber and Josh and the kids. NEXT YEAR, THOUGH. I’m so looking forward to big family holidays again.

OK. Amber’s back from checking on the kids. She’s SUCH a good mom. I don’t know if she realizes how proud of her I am!

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