Hello family! (If you’re actually seeing this!)

Halloween was pretty eventful – sadly, though, I spent it all at work. I wasn’t able to take pictures of anyone else aside from myself – and darnit, I’m STILL not vain! XD

At this moment, I’m not sure if Aunt Beth was able to snap a couple pictures of the girls in their costumes (Abby was a drag queen slash emo slash goth slash Harry Potter witch, and her Very Good Friend Mary went as a Renaissance princess.)If she did, I’ll upload them to Flickr and post the results (or the link) here.

Here’s me as a China Doll:


I was in the car on the way to work. My hair (all fifty billion inches of it) was in pigtails. It’s too straight to curl, unfortunately. It needs a cut anyway:


I have the oddest urge to play with false lashes now 😀

On a sad and serious note:
Sumter Police Chief Patty Patterson says a father and his four children were trick or treating on the 200 block of Wise Drive, when they were shot Friday night.

Love you, family!
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