New recipes are coming! Until then..

I keep forgetting to post these things, so I bring you (without recipes, sadly – I’m a disgusting food blogger b/c I’m too lazy to take the time to properly post) some of the foods I’ve eaten (or helped to eat) in the past three weeks.

Cinnamon Snack v.2

Cinnamon Snack v.3

These are cinnamon twists from a local doughnut shop here in town by the name of Murray’s (I live in a town not far from Columbia, SC.) For years my family and I pined the loss of Krispy Kreme – we moved not realizing K.K wasn’t in town, and I’m sure if we HAD noticed we wouldn’t have moved! Needless to say, no one is all that sad about not having Krispy Kreme anymore. I nearly have a foodgasm over their doughnut holes. >.>

I ALMOST didn’t share them with my coworker! 0:)

Campbell's Fettucine Alfredo w/ Chicken & Broccoli

Campbell’s Soup recipe. It wasn’t bad. Forgive the bad photos, I dunno what happened.(Aside from being hungry.)

Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, and Steamfresh Corn
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes (with Parmesan cheese) and Steamfresh corn.

Fried Chicken and Chicken and Broccoli Rice mix
I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how good this was! I’m a huge fan of my fried chicken strips. Still working on perfecting my bone-in chicken, though 🙂


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