Steak Sandwich

Steak Sandwich

I’m not really sure what to say about this steak sandwich. It’s a variation on a Barefoot Contessa recipe my aunt found on Food Network, and asked me to make it one night. My aunt is a big steak fan, and while I like steak occasionally. The ingredients were bought, and then I realized that all the ingredients weren’t there. This is where the variation comes in. Mine isn’t quite as full bodied and rich (and fattening!) as Ina’s. Unfortunately. XD

Nancy’s Steak Sandwiches
Serves 5

4 New York Strip steaks
Salt and pepper
Individual French bread loaves (your choice of bread, really), 5
Your favorite leafy lettuce
Olive oil to coat your pan
2 large sweet onions
Mustard Mayonnaise (recipe follows)
(Cheese, tomatoes, or anything else you like on a sandwich)

Prep your food:
Salt and pepper steaks;
Slice your onions (I send mine through my food processor) ;
Rinse, spin, and cut your lettuce into bite size pieces;
Prepare mayonnaise;
Prep any other foodstuffs you’re putting on your sammie

Heat your skillet to high, and pour a couple of tablespoons of olive oil into the pan. Wait until the oil almost smokes, then drop in your steaks for a minute or two on each side till each side is has a nice color, then drop down the heat and cook until your desired doneness. I wouldn’t suggest letting these go on for very long. For these sandwiches, a blush on the steak is good, but much over medium is going to make these steaks tough.

Once they’re cooked through, remove them from the heat and drop onto a cutting board and tent aluminum foil on top of the beef. Set aside to let your gorgeous steaks relax.

Drop the heat slightly in your pan, and add about a tablespoon of olive oil to it if necessary. Toss in the onions, and sauté until they’re as gorgeous as the steaks.

Slice your meat on a slight bias, and slice it thin.

Assemble by slathering a good bit of mayonnaise on each side of your French bread, and then add onions, slices of steak, and lettuce.

Eat and enjoy.

Mustard Mayonnaise

4 large tablespoons of Mayonnaise or Salad Dressing (we use Miracle Whip)
3 large tablespoons of stone ground mustard

Put ’em all in a bowl, mix. Hard, huh. The longer you can let this sit, the better it’ll be. For serious.


One comment on “Steak Sandwich

  1. wcgillian says:

    Thanks, now I have to go get something to eat!RJ

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